Sunday, October 7, 2012


My step-daughter wants a sweet 16 party. Her Birthday is a few days after New Years.  She wants purple and leopard print for her colors. I wonder where she got that idea from? We will have a mild Mardi Gras themed party. (mask & beads) I chose an ostrich feather centerpiece. My mom will be 70 next year. Since she is from Louisiana, we be giving her a large Mardi Gras Bash! Her colors will be pink and orange!

I found a very good tutorial of how to make a ostrich feather centerpiece. We are using 24" Eiffel tower vases instead of flared Trumpet vases. When using tower vase, remember to add a filler to add weight to them. They may fall over if the table is bumped into. I`am using Velcro on the bottom of the vase and on the mirror.

Enjoy and be BLESSED!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Nubian Bride is Now The New Wedding Planner!

 The Nubian Bride is Now the New Wedding Planner!

I wanted to be a wedding planner since 2007. I have planned and designed baby showers, birthday parties, and retirement parties. I really enjoy the logistics of details. But my real love is event design. I enjoy creating elegant events and seeing the expressions on my clients faces! That is priceless to me!

Planning a wedding is not easy, especially if it is your own! I planned and designed my wedding. I created my own save the dates, invites, centerpieces, etc. I had close to no cooperation from family and friends. I try to contact a wedding planner, but she told me to get in contact with her. I`am confused! I emailed you and gave you my info, lady. She really did not want my business! It`s was OK! I saved, but with much stress!

Lovelies! don't let your family help you plan your wedding. They have their vision in mind, not yours.
The last three months is the most stressful! There were a few things that went wrong. I had to fix it! No one had a clue. I did not enjoy my wedding day at all. My guest were talking about my wedding for months! All I could thing about hiring a day of the wedding coordinator!

I enrolled in Penn Foster`s Certified Wedding Planner course. I chose them because the program was written by the Association of Bridal Consultants.

After completing the first module, you are a novice member of the association for six months. The program was very informative. The exams were quite challenging for open book exams. The program steers you towards opening your own business.

I was an intern for a Bridal show promoter. I met some wedding vendors in the tri-state area of my hometown. I had the opportunity to met and speak with women who had started their own businesses. 

I will have to pursue wedding/Event planning part time. Fortunately my full time job has to help finance my new career. Research, advertise, market and network. Keys to a new business!