Friday, January 7, 2011


My mom has been waiting years for me to marry. Back in the day, I did not think being married was a big thing. Why have papers when you can just walk away without strings. After all, we lived together for 13 years! It wasn`t until my middle son ask me why did I not have the same name as he and dad? That comment had me lost for words! When I asked his father, he said why get married when we live together like we are! At that point, I begain to reassess my own values. That day was the beginning of the end!

After our relationship ended a few years later, I vowed to never live with a man unless he loved me enough to put a ring on it! Thirteen years later, I discovered why marriage is so sacred in God`s eyes! As a devoted born again Christian, If a evenly yolked man Christian man can love me as he does Christ, I will be loved, cherished and cared for as Jesus takes care of me!

Well, ladies I will tell you, My Chocolate makes me feel as loved and safe as The Lord does! Do understand that Chocolate knows God comes before him as he was informed! He said if God did not come first, I would not be the woman for him!
Enough said! LOL! My mom actually fell in love with the first dress I put on. It was a Casablanca model #1995

It`s a beautiful dress, but I`am wondering should I surprise her and wear this one for my ceremony for her. I have to pray on this one. This one is $1100. Don`t know if its worth it for a 45 min ceremony. I know mom is worth it!