Saturday, December 4, 2010

RK Bridal- NYC, MY Review!

Today, my bridal party, my mom and I, visited RK bridal showroom
Based on the reviews on the net, I did not know how my experience was going to be. As everyone stated, when you arrive you put your name on the list and then you search the store until you find five dress. You wait until your name is called, then a bridal consultant will help you dress or suggest more dresses as needed.
I also read that women had bad experiences with rude bridal consultant.

My nieces arrived at the store before my mother, my BFFs, and I. She place my name on the list. I arrived 30 minutes later. Within 15 minutes, an old grouchy woman called my name. Of course I had not been there long enough to select any dresses. When she heard that, she stated she was going to scratch my name off the list. Fearing for the bridezella syndrome, my MOH quickly asked for another bridal consultant.

Jo was a God send! she was so helpful and pleasant! I was so angry and disappointed. I drove 80 miles to discover, that they did not have one of the six dresses that I had planned to try on! They advertise that they have all dresses, but that was a lie! They carry most if not all of the bridal manufacturers, but they do not carry alot of the manufacturers style. It seem like they had most styles of the popular manufacturers such as Maggie Sottero. Then, they did not carry much of the current line.

Before you make the trip, make sure you call them to see if they carry the style of the manufacturer that you desire!

Pissed and changing into bridezella mode because they did not have the dresses I wanted to try on, my consultant, Jo quickly stood in to calm me down! All the dresses I selected at the shop did not work for me. Jo, left the dressing room and returned with three dresses. The first dress was beautiful, but I was not feeling it. My mom loved it. I was not sold! The second dress was a Sottero & Midgely: Adorae. From the moment I stepped in that dress, I knew that was the dress! Jo topped the dress with a rhinestone laced blusher veil. I walked out of the dressing room and my mom began to cry. My bridal party loved the dress! There were other customers who began to walk over to compliment me.

God works in unseen ways! If it were not for RK bridals not having the dresses and Jo being on point with my figure, I would have never considered this dress!

Sottero & Midgley: Adorae

Important Tips: For some reason, most of the wedding gowns fit small. Unless you are thin and are shaped like a board, expect to order a size larger. My dress was a size 12. It fit a little too snug. I ordered a size 14. I will begin to work out after the holiday season and will probably loose 5-10 pounds. It`s better to take the dress in than it not fit at all!

Expect to leave a deposit of at least 50% of the total cost of the dress. With tax the dress cost $1250. I had to leave a deposit of $500.

RK Bridal Policy

No checks are accepted for final payment
No cancellations
No returns
No refunds
All orders are final sale
No dress will be held past the original wedding date

If you choose bridal alterations,expect to dish out $350 along with three scheduled fittings! I will be looking for a local tailor that specializes in bridal wear.

What I learned with experience is to double check to assure that the bridal shop has the style you want to try on. Try your "dream dress" on before you settle on another dress. Even though I fell in love with Adorae and placed a deposit on it, I `am still wondering on how my" dream dress", Amber by impression bridal will look on me. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to make an appointment with a local bridal shop to try the dress on. If the dress is a hit. I will have two dresses on my wedding day!