Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Want These !

Exclusive NEW Cinderella Slipper


Exclusive NEW Cinderella Slipper, get your orders in now for christmas! Award winning shoe designer Freya Rose, renowned for innovative design using the most luxurious materials, has produced the most exquisite 'Cinderella Slipper'. The silver mule is hand embellished with crystal and pearls, and promises to be the talk of the town. All you need to do now is find your Prince Charming! The slippers are made to order, each pair being totally unique. Every girl's dream shoes! £675.00

I want these shoes! They are in England! There is only one vendor in the US that carry Freya Rose shoes. The vendor does not have these yet! Damn! I live in NY! It`s the fashion mecca of the world! Someone has to have these! Please someone copy these slippers!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obedience is Golden

"Remember my laws and rules, and obey them so that you will live safely in the land." Leviticus 25:18

"Obey the Lord your God, and keep his commands and laws that I give you today." Deuteronomy 27:10

Girls! I tell you! Obedience is golden! It took me 49 years to totally submit to God.As a result of it, I was blessed!

I have always been God`s child since my existence.From the time I was 7 years of age, I knew there was a higher power that guided me. I was the only one in my home that read the Bible and talked to God. In the midst of my storms, God has always delivered me safely. He always delivered me with a valuable lesson learned!

Some how, I kept getting things a little twisted when it came to men. Instead of allowing God to find one for me, I would always take things into my own hands. As a result it , I was disappointed each time. I decided I was not going to date another man unless he was God sent! I was Good with that. My life happily went on.

Last year, in the midst of a terrible blizzard and no power for four days, I took advantage of spending time with God. I told God If he wanted me to be alone, I was OK with it. Last year, I had realized that the emptiness that I had once consumed me was gone. For the first time, my soul felt complete. I did not need a man in my life to love me. I had God. That day, I told God I would always love him, spread his word, and serve the church. I told him I did want to experience unconditional love apart from my children, family, and very close friends. I understood that was God`s choice!

One Sunday, my pastor was completing a series on community prayer. He had asked a brother who used to attend our church to approach the alter so he can pray for him. This brother had lost his father the day before. He was a member of another church, but was led to attend our church that morning. He was a musician in our church band. I saw him in church, but we only said hello. He would always smile when we passed. In his presence, my spirit would light up like a Christmas tree! There was something that I would experience when I was in his presence that I never felt before with any man. The problem was he did not attend my church anymore and he never approached me for a conversation.

My pastor asked the congregation to approach the alter if they needed prayer. He also asked, who wanted to pray for anyone at the alter to approach the alter. My girlfriend, her husband and son went to the alter. I wanted to pray for them, so I walked towards the alter. As I approached my friends, God told me No! That brother needs you to pray for him! I went to him and prayed. At the end of the prayer session, He opened his eyes and looked up at me in shock! I smiled and walked away.

In March, I went on my church`s Facebook site to get info. I saw this brother was a friend. I sent him a message to tell him how sorry I was about his father and I prayed that he and his family was doing well. The next day he made me his friend and told me that he missed me in the name of Jesus. Thinking little of the message, I smiled and went on with my life.
In April, on Resurrection Sunday after church service, I went home to pray about a statement that my pastor had said that had weighed heavily on my heart. As I began to pray, half way through my prayer, the brother from church face flashed before me. Stunned and puzzled, God told me to wish him a Happy Resurrection day. I went on FaceBook and did just that! The next day, he responded. I sent him a message in regards to the statement that my pastor had made and asked him for church referrals. His father was a pastor in the area and I assumed the brother could give me info.

The brother send me a message the next day.I was shocked. He invited me to his church the following Sunday. He met me at my church for morning service and I attended his church for afternoon service. After service, he took me to dinner and told me how one Sunday, I caught his eye. He said it was something in my spirit that out shined. That day, he told the Lord, " If you give me that woman for my wife, I will forever take care of he!" I asked him why did you not say something? He said,God told him to be still!

Not in a million years I would have thought I would be with this man! We look all over, but fail to realize that love is closer to home than we think!

Future Dear Husband