Friday, October 14, 2011

Get A Wedding Planner!

My mother and I went to bed at 5am on my wedding day. I manage to get 4 hours of sleep. I had a break down and locked myself in the bathroom. My best friend prayed me out of the bathroom. I was 1 1/2hrs late to my wedding.

I discovered that the church was very warm when I entered. The air conditioning system broke down the night before.The ceremony was beautiful. It went according to plan.

I tell you Planning this wedding was the most stressful year of my life The last month was a killer I had planned my wedding and had a wedding planner apprentice by my side Not I had to call her up to find out what happened? I said honey? What happened to you? The apprentice: I thought you did not need me anymore. You did not leave me anything to do. Me: Did you read your book? Did it not say that for the Day of the wedding services, you are needed the month before?

A few years ago, I wanted to be an event/wedding planner. I read books and took some courses. I knew what to do. I did not need her to plan because I interviewed my vendors, negotiated my contracts and had signed on the doted lines But girly girl, I still needed help with my details.

On my wedding day, my girls and I went to the venue to set up a table so my apprentice would visualize what I wanted. Months prior I had set up my kitchen table so she can get an idea of what I wanted By the time she unloaded her truck with some of the decor, my niece, my best friends and I had already placed covers on 120 chairs, placed pink overlays and centerpieces on 12 tables before she came in with the boxes.

I thought she went to Timbuktu. All she had to do is set up the candy station, put the framed menus and the favors on the tables. Tie the pink bows on the chairs.

Well when I got to the reception hall from the church, there were no bows on the chairs I nearly had a fit what You just wasted $70 The bows went with my cake.

I should hired a professional wedding planner!

Our DJ was playing some kind of crap My son, Music Mystro had to take over. Do you know he got mad and said this was a setup My husband said what the hell do you care? You are the one who got paid Someone did not do his job and I`am fixing it

My husband song You Are So Beautiful, his band played, Everyone enjoyed themselves. They are still talking about the wedding and oblivious to what`s going on behind the scene

I told my apprentice to stick to teaching and planning birthday parties. She does not have what it takes to be a wedding planner
I decided to launch my event planning business the first of the year. No one should be as stressed out as I was!

I`am planning my nieces wedding, a baby shower and some church banquets. As long it is not my wedding, I can handle it Thank God it is over!