Sunday, February 13, 2011

Do It Yourself Swarovski Crystal Monogram Cake Toppers

When I started looking at photos of wedding cakes, I saw a cake topped with a bling monogram. I immediately googled monogramed cake toppers. I was appalled with the prices! $225 for a three letter monogram cake topper! Are they on crack?!

The price did not deter me. I was sure some bride out there had some info on this project! I was right! Chocolate brides DYI! I went to craftcuts to purchase my Monogram. I purchased one 5" letter S, one 3" letter C and a 3" letter T in the brock script font. The font was considered a special order. I paid $15 additional. The total cost was $22.

I sprayed the letters with a primer and then with silver spray paint. The next day, I bought 3", 4". and 5" flat back swarovski crystals. With the assistance of gem tac glue, an rhinestone applicator and a Q-tip, I went to work! When I was finished with crystalizing one side of the letter, I painted the other side with silver sparkle paint. I also primed and painted wooden hearts that I purchased at Walmart for the bases to stand the letters on.

I was happy with the results! It was not hard at one you get the hang of it!
Next Project: personalized aisle runner!


Tass said...

Where did u get your crystals from